(Columbus, Ohio) December 21st, 2016


Anderson Reporting Services Incorporated is pleased to announce the online publication of several new deposition resources. Having served the Columbus, Ohio legal community for over twenty years, Anderson’s experienced court reporting staff have come together to compile a list of helpful deposition tips and tricks to ensure that your legal discovery process goes as smoothly as possible. Their new resources include a helpful deposition checklist, 3 tips on helping your court reporter, and a guideline on what to look for in a court reporting firm.


Featuring clean layouts, these new pages offer the best in litigation support by providing understandable and easy to use trial preparation tools. Their new deposition checklist covers the basics to remember as well as a list of special services to request if needed. All fitted onto a single page, this trial preparation tool is easy to add to your current case file. When it comes to the actual deposition, it can be difficult to remember everything your witness needs to be prepped on. Aside from facts about the case at hand, there are certain tips that your witness should be apprised of before beginning the deposition process. In this way, legal professionals can ensure an accurate deposition transcript and confident witness every time.


In adding additional deposition resources for the legal community to use, Anderson Reporting once again demonstrates their drive and commitment to being a complete litigation support source. By furthering their online presence in helpful and unique ways, it is clear that these Ohio court reporters strive towards reaching the current nationwide community in the most effective ways possible.


andersonFor more information check out their official website at AndersonReporting.com, their Facebook page Anderson Reporting Services, or call toll-free at (800) 753.0289.