(USA) September 23, 2016

The National Network Reporting Company is excited to announce their new county-wide search options. Now instead of being confined to narrow searches by city or an extensive search by state, the NNRC is providing a mid-level option to better optimize the efficiency of their online search index. Because the NNRC’s main purpose is to assist today’s legal community by acting as an efficient networking site for court reporting companies, the county-wide search option maximizes their professional capability.

As a specialized field, court reporting firms have the potential to service multiple areas within their district. However, when listing locations, often times specific cities can be eliminated from the search because with specificity comes the assumption that services are only provided in select locations. But court reporters are more than happy to travel to you, and if you’re looking for someone nearby there is always a countywide search available on NNRC.com.

Consider using their new county-wide search option the next time you’re in need of Orange County, CA court reporters or even court reporters in Montgomery County, MD.

For more information check out their official website at nnrc.com, their Facebook page NNRC Nationwide Court Reporters, or call toll-free at (866) 337.6672.