(SEATTLE, WA) MAY 17, 2016 – Naegeli Reporting Service’s videoconferencing services now give everyone a chance for their voice to be heard in a case.

Naegeli Deposition & Trial has high definition and high speed connections available so that speaking face-to-face no longer has to include people being in the same room.  Naegeli’s videoconferencing services make it possible for people to communicate like they never did before.

Videoconferencing allows expert witnesses to testify, even if they are not in the area.  Court reporters Seattle can also have witnesses speak directly in court but not enter the courtroom if they cannot attend due to a personal circumstance.

With over 35 years of experience, Naegeli Deposition & Trial knows what support attorneys need.  With highly trained and certified court reporters, videographers, and trial consultants standing by, they can assist with any legal need.

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