(PORTLAND, OR) MAY 17, 2016 – Trial Support Services offered by Naegeli Reporting Services have been shown to help attorneys when they are going into the court room.

Naegeli Deposition & Trial has been working with attorneys and other legal professionals in Portland for over 35 years.  They have years of experience in both large and small cases and know how to provide the support attorneys need.

Trial support can include input from experienced Portland Trial Consultants who will work with the attorney on their opening remarks, closing arguments, and anything in between.  They also offer documentation enlargements and graphic creations that will grab the jury’s attention.

Naegeli Deposition & Trial have been serving clients in the Pacific Northwest and around the country for years and have earned the highest reputation in the area.  With a staff of trained and certified professionals, they can assist with any legal need.

For more information on Naegeli Deposition & Trial and the firm’s impressive options for attorneys, visit the firm’s official website at or contact them today at (800) 528-3335.