Three G-Star students have been cast in the new series In Sanity, Florida

(PALM SPRINGS, FL) February 26, 2016– Three G-Star School of the Arts for Film, Animation and Performing Arts students have earned principal roles in the new web-based TV Show In Sanity, Florida. The show is created by Marc Zatorsky and Shawn Morell. of See-Worthy Productions, LLC.

In Sanity, Florida where ‘the town is small, but the crazy isn’t.’ The crazy antics of a small coastal town will be told through the life journey of Emma Scott Fitzgerald, a young woman whose love for her quirky town and hypochondriac grandmother holds her back from discovering the person she wants to be.” explains co-creator Morell.

Zatorsky and Morell are just coming off another of their hit projects titled Tweet about teens and paranormal activity. After two seasons Tweet is being offered to major cable channels and has garnered “Best Actress on a Web Series” nomination for its star, Taylor Blackwell. Ms. Blackwell continues her collaboration with Zatorski and Morell as the star of Sanity. G-Star Studios announced last month that See-Worthy Films has taken up permanent residence on the Studios’ back lot. In Sanity, Florida is a SAG-AFTRA New Media production.

Sydney Presendieu, Madison Lillard, and Walker Clermont are all students of the G-Star School of the Arts, which recently received an A rating from the Florida Department of Education. The school also is getting set for an open house in March to introduce new students to the unique curriculum that makes G-Star so special.