The Body Sculpting Institute Announces Services for Broward County Patients






The Body Sculpting Institute has established itself as an industry leader in aesthetic medicine.

(PLANTATION, FL) APRIL 3, 2015— The Body Sculpting Institute is pleased to announce a number of services to help patients in Broward County, FL look their very best.

There have been many innovations in cosmetic surgery over the last several years, and some of the most exciting advances have come in the area of body sculpting. This relatively new frontier of aesthetic medicine is allowing patients to redefine the human form and look more vibrant and fit.

Broward County tummy tucks have become more popular for both men and women. They offer a couple of variations, and through the consultation process patients can work with their surgeon to find the right procedure for their needs.

Another procedure that has become increasingly popular is Fort Lauderdale VASER liposuction. It offers many advantages over traditional liposuction, including shorter recovery times and the ability to attack fat in very delicate areas.

The Body Sculpting Institute has quickly established itself as an area leader in offering the most innovative procedure to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals. To schedule a consultation, contact them today:

Body Sculpting Institute
10167 West Sunrise Blvd
Plantation, FL 33322