Body Sculpting Institute Announces Launch of New Website







New options for body sculpting have inspired many people to visit this new site to learn about the exciting options available to today’s patients.

(PLANTATION, FL) JANUARY 8, 2015— The Body Sculpting Institute, the source for the latest in cosmetic procedures for the body, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website that offers information on a variety of procedures and treatments for both women and men.

Residents of South Florida are inspired to look their best. A place that exudes such beauty is a driving factor behind many decisions to embrace aesthetic medicine to address perceived flaws and imperfections in the human form. The Body Sculpting Institute offers a variety of treatments and surgical procedures that give patients every option in their pursuit of a great looking body.

The Institute offers many procedures including many variants of liposuction that meet the precise needs of patients. Brazilian butt lifts and abdominoplasty or tummy tucks are also available from a cosmetic surgery team committed to providing each patient with the best results and the most comfortable surgical experience.

Innovative treatments like Stem Cell Facelifts and Platelet therapy can offer profound results without surgery, and Body Sculpting Institute is constantly evolving to offer the very latest in aesthetic care.

For more information on the procedures and treatments offered, visit the new website at