Chestnut Law Firm Announces Nationwide Personal Injury Representation
Christopher Chestnut









In personal injury cases, time is often of the essence. Having an experienced firm that can act quickly can help you build the very best case.

(JACKSONVILLE, FL) AUGUST 15, 2014— The Chestnut Law Firm is pleased to announce that the firm will be offering personal injury legal representations to clients anywhere in the country.

Accidents can have far reaching impacts that go far beyond the injuries that victims face. The physical recovery can be long and difficult, and that recovery can be costly. Medical bills can pile up while victims are unable to work because of their injuries. This can crush the finances of a family that just wants their loved one better again. The Chestnut Law Firm knows that the financial burdens of the recovery process can add undue pressure on families, and this team of experienced legal professionals can help.

Chris Chestnut has built a national reputation as a leading personal injury lawyer. He has been featured on CNN, CBS, BET, ESPN, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and on radio on the Tom Joyner Show to provide his valuable insights into personal injury cases that are making headlines.

This accomplished firm handles a variety of types of cases including personal injury, wrongful death, hazing injury, premises liability, and business litigation, class action, and mortuary cases.

In each of these types of cases, victims have very specific rights.

Because it is crucial for accident victims to immediately begin the process of securing evidence and building their cases, it is important that they work with experienced legal counsel immediately. That is why the firm is announcing that it can be anywhere in the country within 24 hours to begin the work of helping victims seek justice.

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