Remix producer building excitement ahead of the release of anticipated remixes later this year.

Remix Producer Chris Diodati Launches Internet Campaign to Build Excitement for Remixes to be Released Later in 2014
Chris Diodati will release remixes later this year of songs by Ray Charles and James Brown.

NEW YORK, NY (JANUARY 20, 2014) — Producer Chris Diodati announced today that he has launched a campaign to publicize his remixes of songs by Ray Charles and James Brown ahead of his planned release of additional songs by these classic musicians. The renowned remix producer, who in 2006 was nominated for a Juno Award for “Dance Recording of the Year” for his remix of the Ray Charles song “Walkin’ & Talkin’,” which became a dance hit, peaking at #6, has released many remixes that became dance hits on the Billboard dance charts. The Juno Awards are the Canadian equivalent of America’s Grammy Awards. Chris Diodati, who also goes by aliases such as Christian Dio, Christian Diodati, Diomix and Dio, has also had hits with remixes of songs by Christina Aguilera (“Candy Man”), Alicia Keys (“If I Ain’t Got You”), Deborah Cox (“House is Not a Home”), Angie Stone (“I Wanna Thank Ya”) and James Brown  (“Soul Brotha #1”), among others.

Christopher Diodati has had success in remixing songs by artists in various genres. Do a search online for the producer to find some of his hit remixes. Google terms like “Chris Diodati producer,” “DJ Chris Diodati” and “producer Chris Diodati” and click the video tab to narrow down the results and listen to the producer’s original songs and his remixes. He’s remixed songs by pop stars like Aguilera and Houston, R&B stars like Keys and Mary J. Blige and even Lain stars like Tito Puente, Jr.

Although the producer has not yet announced which songs by Brown and Charles he plans to remix, audiences can expect that this accomplished producer’s remixes will sound appealing based upon his previous work, which has made numerous old songs sound contemporary.