Producers of the In View Series Announce Plans for Further Reports on Renewable Energy (2)
The In View series with Larry King will feature additional stories about alternative energy.






The In View series hosted by Larry King features stories about numerous subjects, developments and trends across American society.

(BOCA RATON, FL) JANUARY 29, 2014 — As the United States has become less dependent upon fossil fuels for its energy needs, renewable energy sources have played vital roles in helping the country meet its energy demands, and several companies have emerged as industry leaders in helping consumers, businesses and utilities use this energy. This morning, producers for In View hosted by Larry King, an educational TV program that reaches TV audiences across the country and internet users around the globe, announced that they hope to produce additional reports about successful renewable energy companies and how these companies are reducing American demand for energy produced from fossil fuels, benefitting the American economy and the environment. Producers for the In View TV series, including associate producer Diane Shandler, associate producer Rachel Van Drake and senior associate producer Joel Walters, will seek out examples of solar energy companies, wind energy companies, geothermal companies and other companies that produce alternative energy products, as well as look for examples of communities and municipalities across the country that have embraced alternative energy to meet their energy needs.

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