Northern California Drug Rehab Making Strides With New Treatment Regimen


New strides in treatment are showing progress in the battle against addiction.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) DECEMBER 12, 2013— Drug rehab Northern California leader Focus Healthcare of California is pleased to announce new advances in whole person care that are showing progress in the clinical setting.

Focus Treatment Centers is a national leader in the treatment of addiction and other compulsions. On campuses in Tennessee and in California, trained professionals at Focus are helping people from all walks of live escape the suffering of addiction and lead happier, healthier lives.

People who are seeking alcohol, prescription drug, or cocaine addiction treatment in California often are in need of the type of care that can help restore each facet of their being. The body, mind, and spirit are often damaged considerably over years of addiction, and it is important to address the scars of each in order for the patient to make a full recovery.

These new breakthroughs in nutrition and meditative therapy are showing progress in helping patients come to grips with their disease and then begin the recovery process. Therapists are using these therapies among many others to help people reestablish a connection with who they were before addiction, leading to a better chance at a long-term recovery.

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