In View Hosted by Larry King Taking a Look at Social Media in Crisis Management








A new report will show audiences how social media gives emergency officials an immediate and powerful way to keep the public informed in an emergency.

(BOCA RATON, FL) DECEMBER 30, 2013– The In View series producers are pleased to announce an upcoming report highlighting the role social media can play in an emergency.

In View hosted by Larry King airs in markets across the country on cable television. It can often be found in the mornings on the Discovery Channel, where viewers are learning more about a variety of topics including innovations in business, technology, and the medical field.

The producers are talking to law enforcement experts, government officials, and emergency management personnel about the role that social media can play when it is important to send messages fast. Whether the emergency is a force of nature or a man-made calamity, social media can help to keep citizens informed about the situation. With more and more Americans engaged on social media, it has become an easy way to provide information and even help catch apprehend suspects after crimes.

In this new In View series report, audiences will see how officials are using this new tool and how bulletins can often go viral among users, exponentially increasing the reach of what can sometimes be life-saving information.

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