Estetica Institute Offers New Our Community Page




New page is specifically geared to inform the patients of the South Florida and Treasure Coast communities about their surgical options.

(WEST PALM BEACH, FL) DECEMBER 16, 2013— Cosmetic surgeons at the Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches are pleased to announce the launch of a new page on their website committed to informing potential patients in our community about their options for cosmetic surgery.

On the new Our Communities page, patients can quickly find their own city among a list that is being constantly updated. From there, patients can learn about breast augmentation procedures and the growing number of options for patients as they consult with their surgeon.

The new endeavor is designed to help women throughout South Florida and the Treasure coast find the highest quality of care and the most options to cater the procedure to their specific body type and surgical goals.

The Estetica Institute has combined multiple professionals to provide the highest level of medical and cosmetic care that can restore youthfulness and improve, conceal or remove aesthetic imperfections. Patients have a variety of options including the latest procedures to address issues on the face, skin, or the body. The practice also provides CoolSculpting procedures and breast augmentation to the area’s discerning patients.

The practice is a leader in providing patients with the latest in new techniques, technologies, and advances in aesthetic medicine, and has gained a reputation as the preeminent Palm Beach cosmetic surgeons practice.

For more information on the Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches and to access the new Our Community page, visit Estetica’s website at