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These new resource pages will give people specific information about a variety of addictions.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) DECEMBER 5, 2013— Northern California drug treatment center Focus Healthcare of California is pleased to announce a new resources page that will refer visitors to informational pages about specific treatment programs for a variety of addictions.

Focus Healthcare is known in the drug rehab California community as a leader in providing treatment based on the latest understanding of the disease of addiction. This of course is combined with the recognition that addiction is a complete disease that impacts the entire person— through body, mind, and spirit.

On the new page, visitors can link directly to new content about drug addiction, gambling addiction, sex addiction, eating disorders, and alcohol addiction treatment northern California. Readers can learn more about each condition and find out more about the whole person care at Focus Treatment Centers can make a difference in the lives of patients suffering from this crippling disease of addiction that comes in many forms.

Readers can also learn more about the disease of addiction and how it manifests itself differently in each patient, meaning that an individualized approach to treatment is usually the best route to recovery.

For more information on Focus Treatment Centers in Sacramento, CA or their sister campuses in Tennessee, or to learn more about the whole person care model, please visit the website