Westchester Plastic Surgeon Announces New Rewards Program
The Kiss Rewards program allows patients to earn rewards for undergoing treatments and procedures and referring others.







New smartphone app allows patients to accumulate points for procedures and referring others to the surgeon’s practice.

(SCARSDALE, NY) NOVEMBER 7, 2013 – Dr. Eugene Sidoti, one of the best Westchester cosmetic surgeons, has introduced a new smartphone app that allows his patients to earn rewards, redeemable at different retailers, for the procedures that they undergo at his Scarsdale practice. Dr. Sidoti’s patients can also earn rewards for referring their friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors and other colleagues. The app, available through the iTunes store, is called Kiss Rewards. Patients can accumulate rewards points for undergoing various surgical and non-surgical procedures. If one of the patient’s referrals undergoes procedures at Dr. Sidoti’s office, the patient also receives points. Just for signing up for Kiss Rewards, patients receive points. Each time a patient comes in for maintenance, such as Westchester Botox injections or Westchester dermal fillers, the patient earns more points. The program rewards patients for their loyalty and for spreading the word about Dr. Sidoti.

Respected Surgeon Improves Patients’ Looks in Many Ways

Dr. Sidoti, an Ivy League-educated surgeon, has become one of the most-respected Westchester plastic surgeons. A member of several professional organizations, Dr. Sidoti holds himself and his team to the highest standards in the industry. The doctor specializes in numerous types of plastic surgery, as well as facial reconstructive surgery that can make a major difference in patients’ lives. Dr. Sidoti performs breast augmentation Westchester procedures for women, along with breast reconstruction procedures and breast reduction procedures for women and men in the area. He also performs body-sculpting procedures for patients across the region, including Westchester liposuction procedures, tummy tucks and brachioplasty, and surgical procedures that make patients appear younger.

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