Philadelphia Court Reporters Announces New Nationwide Real Time Reporting Services




Real time reporting is giving attorneys anywhere in the country a way to connect to Philadelphia cases.

(PHILADELPHIA, PA) NOVEMBER 12, 2013— Philadelphia court reporters at Summit Court Reporting, Inc. are pleased to announce the offering of new capability to provide instant access to rough transcripts as they happen anywhere in the country and around the world.

Real time reporting means that the shorthand taken by a court reporter on a stenography machine is translated into English and appears immediately on a computer monitor or a large projection screen. It is similar to translation work, in that it appears on the screen in a rough draft. It appears within seconds of the words being spoken by someone in a courtroom.

Real time translation works well for judges and attorneys as they can review and mark portions of testimonies and make notes to refer to at other times during the trial without interrupting the proceedings. They can also use the electronic depositions attained by this technology to research other legal precedents and they can even communicate with expert witnesses off-site.

Now, Summit reporting is giving lawyers around the country the capability to stream real time transcripts over an internet connection, meaning that lawyers can now monitor a proceeding from anywhere.

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The staff at Summit court reporting has over 25 years of accumulated experience providing court reporting services to law firms in Philadelphia, southern New Jersey, and around the country through Summit’s affiliation with the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC). To learn more about this new real time service or to schedule a deposition or other service, visit the company’s website at