Northern California Alcohol Rehab Center Announces Holistic Treatment Program



Focus Healthcare of California is announcing a holistic approach to drug and alcohol treatment that is treating the mind, body, and spirit of patients.

SACRAMENTO, Ca., Oct. 1, 2013- Focus Healthcare of California, a leader among Northern California rehab centers, is pleased to announce an innovative holistic treatment program to help patients recover from alcohol addiction.

Focus Healthcare of California in Sacramento I provided quality care for patients seeking help for a variety of addictions and other compulsions. The treatment center is an inpatient facility that offers long-term residential treatment.

For years, it has become more and more apparent to those who treat alcoholism, drug addiction, and other compulsions that regardless of the drug of choice, many common themes run through all addictions. Focus Healthcare of California is addressing this by providing a new holistic approach to treatment that helps patients to heal the body, mind, and spirit during the treatment process.

Using an approach that understands the common traits of addiction while simultaneously acknowledging that each patient is different, Northern California alcohol rehab centers are working to help patients build the foundation of a new life. By taking innovative approaches that includes meditation, fitness, nutrition, and other therapies, Focus is offering patients the opportunity to develop skills that will help term maintain long-term sobriety.

For patients, this new approach is showing results, and helping them by giving them coping skills necessary to rebuild relationships and recognize boundaries that are key elements of their successful recovery.

For more information on the holistic treatment at Focus Healthcare of California, visit the official website of the treatment center at