Court Reporting Services Across Texas

Fredericks Reporting Services Announces Court Reporting Services for Houston, TX
Fredericks Reporting provides excellent court reporting services across the City of Houston, America’s fourth most-populous city.

HOUSTON, TX (OCTOBER 8, 2013) – Fredericks Reporting & Litigation Services LLC, one of the most-respected Texas court reporting companies, has announced a new internet marketing campaign to advertise its first-rate Houston court reporting services. Fredericks, which has offices in major cities across the Lone Star State, offers legal professionals across the state valuable legal support services that help Texas lawyers win their cases. The company has offices in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Houston.

The company’s Houston court reporters provide accurate and real-time court reporting services for the many courts located within Houston, the nation’s fourth most-populous city. Many different types of courts operate within the city, including municipal courts, state courts, county courts, federal courts, appeals courts, bankruptcy courts and more. If you or your law firm needs court reporting in any Houston courtroom, Fredericks Reporting can provide fast, accurate and timely Houston court reporting services.

Services Also Help Corporations and Companies

In addition to its large population, Houston also serves as the home of several large corporations. As of the last census in 2010, Houston has more than 2.1 million residents.  Major industries like energy, aeronautics, transportation and manufacturing comprise large segments of the city’s economy, and more Fortune 500 companies reside within the city than in any other city besides New York City.

While Fredericks’ accurate court reporting services help legal professionals across the state, its services also assist major companies and industrial leaders across Texas. The company’s videoconferencing services facilitate negotiations and business agreements between parties across the state and across the country for that matter. Many companies use Fredericks’ transcription services to accurately record board meetings and shareholder meetings.